Dave Rempis & Nico Chkifi DUO

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Dave Rempis and Nicolas Chkifi met during a week-long residency organized by Sound In Motion in Antwerp in April 2023 featuring Spectral – the longstanding American horn trio of Larry Ochs, Darren Johnston, and Rempis – joining the brilliant European trio of Marta Warelis, Hugo Antunes and Nicolas Chkifi.  

Following that successful collaboration, Rempis and Chkifi decided to explore their common interests and languages further, embarking on a new duo to explore their shared interest in both West African music and improvisation. 

 They begin that adventure this fall, with five concerts and a recording session in Germany and Belgium.

Dave Rempis is one of the most renowned saxophonists in Chicago and the American improvised music scene, known for his many bands like Rempis Percussion Quartet, Ballister, and Kuzu.

He combines a powerful sound, phenomenal technique, and an infectious joy of being on stage.

Nico Chkifi is a versatile and highly musical drummer who leads Fnussjen, the quartet for which he composes.

He has also performed with SuperNova and Laniakea, and alongside musicians such as John Dikeman, Seppe Gebruers, Hugo Antunes, Jeroen Van Herzeele, Jozef Dumoulin, and many others.